Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk – April 2024 (Official) Download for Android

Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk App

Here you can download latest version of Blue WhatsApp Apk 2024 for Android

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Operating System: Android 5.0+

Application Category: Social Media Application

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Download the latest version of Blue WhatsApp Plus v9.95 apk for Android 2024 – now available for free download and installation. This website exclusively focuses on WhatsApp mods, offering a variety of WhatsApp mod applications. Blue WhatsApp Plus comes with unlimited options and removed restrictions, providing an enhanced user experience. This wonderful app brings a whole new level of flexibility to your WhatsApp experience.

Increased Media Sharing Limit | Advance Call Blocking | Loads of Themes | Single Tick | Hide Online Status | Hide Chat on Screen | Dual WhatsApp Accounts | Anti-Ban | Read Deleted Messages

It is widely known that WhatsApp is one of the most popular social messaging app all around the world, available for cross platform devices. The official app is excellent but comes with limitations implemented on various departments including enhanced privacy features, security department, usage and other business related tools. Talking about the Blue WhatsApp Plus, this new is the modified version of WhatsApp application so it’s completely different in terms of it’s versatile feature, enhance usability and offers a variety of upscaled functions.

Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk v9.91, 9.94 and v9.95 latest version for Android. File details & Download Link!

Blue WhatsApp Plus app is already available to download from the link above, but still if you want further technical details about the file size and developer details then read the section below!

File Name:Blue_WhatsApp_Plus_Apk
File Size:65mb
Developer details:Team Blue
Supported OS:Android 4.0 and up
App version:9.95
Developer Website:
Download LinkGoogle Play

Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk brief Overview! Version include v9.91, 9.94 and v9.95

The WhatsApp app has been modded many times by a lot of different developers but Blue Whatsapp Plus has gone to an extra mile by adding a lot of bells and whistles to make this app more attractive to the users, some of the highlighted features include, hidden Blue read Tick, the second delivery tick, hide online status without being seem, 4K+ themes, icons and sending large media files without limit. If you want a fully optimized and customizable WhatsApp stuff at single place, just download the Blue WhatsApp Apk and enjoy the real customization and grip over the much more polished features that original WhatsApp lacks. The popularity of the app touched sky high and already crossing over the 15+ Million mark

So now we have described the overall features of Blue WhatsApp Plus, to get better idea of the app, lets just compare the Blue WhatsApp Plus and the official un-modded WhatsApp application. You’ll see huge difference in term of features and functionality of the Blue WhatsApp Plus apk. We hope this app fulfils your needs.

FeaturesBlue WhatsAppNormal WhatsApp
Custom ThemesYes 4000+ themesNo only 2 themes
Recover Deleted MessagesYesNo
File Sending Limit1GB100MB
Status Length255139
Custom Text/FontYesNo
Second Tick HideYesNo
Call filterYesNo
Hide status viewYesNo
Forward tag removeYesNo
Freeze last seenYesNo
Call without saving contact!YesNo
Status SaveYesNo
Media Sharing25MB700+MB
Airplane ModeYesNo

Why you should use Blue WhatsApp Plus APK v9.95 latest version?

Given that Blue WhatsApp Plus is not an official app, you might be hesitant about whether or not to use it. The answer is straightforward: although Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk is unofficial, it adheres to a completely legal process of official registration. However, compared to the official version, Blue WhatsApp Plus offers a much more dynamic experience. If you desire a richer visual experience with an abundance of highly sought-after cool features, each of which is extensively customizable, the choice is yours. You can opt for the official WhatsApp with limited features or embrace the Blue WhatsApp application with its highly customizable, versatile aesthetics, and functions. The primary goal of this modified version is to deliver additional features, a user-friendly interface, and sought-after enhancements.

Blue WhatsApp Plus features in details!

So far we have mentioned the brief list of features you find in Blue WhatsApp Plus but now we are digging through a few main feature for your ease.

Increased Media Sharing Limit:

In the official WhatsApp application there is a limitation on the number of files and size you can send, while Blue WhatsApp Plus is there to take care of these limits. You get freedom to send as many images as you can regardless of the file size, the default video sending limit is increased up to 1GB. This is great if you need to send hundreds of pics at once instead sending them in a 25 pics chunk, it really creates confusion and you may re-send image without knowing that it is sent already.

User Interface Customization:

Blue WhatsApp Plus is the name of utmost customizable app, allows you to customize the overall look and feel of the app. Users can switch between 100’s of themes, stylish fonts and customizable background all for free. You can completely redesign the looks of your app and even apply custom styles to personalize your messaging experience. Another cool feature is the addition of new emojis’ from the combined social media apps, including Facebook, Emoji 1 v3 and more.

Dual WhatsApp:

Blue WhatsApp Plus allows you to use two accounts on a single device without the need of dual sim cards, this feature is real handy for users who want to keep their personal and professional contacts separate. Dual Accounts on a single device also helps you distinguish between the important contacts and the non important ones. Also you can turn on the notifications for the desired contacts on both accounts.

Delete Messages can be seen (Anti delete):

Another most amazing feature of the Blue WhatsApp Plus application is the visibility of deleted message. If the sender tries to delete a message he sent, it will still be visible to the recipient. This feature is not limited to the messages alone but you can also view the deleted WhatsApp Status as well. This is the best feature of the Blue WhatsApp Plus you can use, the deleted stories and statuses can been seen without notifying the sender.

Better Privacy Options:

Blue WhatsApp Plus provides enhanced privacy features compared to the regular WhatsApp. In general the privacy settings from the Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk are no different then the official WhatsApp, however there are a few additional options which are not available on the regular WhatsApp including hiding blue read ticks, the message delivery second tick, and the typing or recording indicator. These tricks let users read the messages without notifying the sender about the sent message status. You can also hide their profile picture and status from specific contacts. Elaborating each feature separately includes following.

Also includes How to Hide Blue Tick!

Everybody knows that blue ticks show that the sent message is read or played by the recipient. But Blue WhatsApp Plus lets you hide that as well, you can just turn on the option in setting, once enabled every text message you read or voice notes you play goes unnoticed to the sender and only shows the delivery status or even undelivered single tick that we are going to explain below.

Single Tick option!

As mentioned above, the single tick shows that the message is sent but not delivered. And this is where the Blue WhatsApp Plus plays it’s secret role, with the single tick enabled or second tick option disabled, you can easily see message from the sender without letting them know.

Freeze Last Seen

Blue WhatsApp Plus lets you freeze your last seen time, means if you don’t want your friends to see your activity on WhatsApp you can simply set a demo last time on the app. The regular WhatsApp offers the feature to turn off last seen time but resulting in other’s activity is no longer visible to you. Therefore, if you are always concerned about your last seen on WhatsApp and don’t want others to peek into your last activity on WhatsApp, this feature might be helpful.

Hidden view Status!

Blue WhatsApp’s another hidden view status feature lets you sneaks into someone’s activities without being noticed. With Blue WhatsApp Plus download APK hidden view status feature is pretty amazing, you can just track activities of someone without making them aware. You can easily view status and stories of anyone without being noticed. Blue WhatsApp Plus is a highly customized app and contains every feature that you wish it should be there.

Hide Chats!

Blue WhatsApp Plus also allows you to hide specific chat from the chats screen. Simply long press the chat and tap on the vertical 3 dots settings menu and press hide chat.

Filter call list!

The regular WhatsApp lacks the caller list filter option and anybody can make you a call without your consent, but using Blue WhatsApp you can easily filter out the list of people who can call and who cannot. This is a great feature to get rid off the annoying callers and getting un-necessary calls during work hours.

Directly Call without saving contact!

The most beneficial feature of this app is the ability to make call to unknown number or unsaved number anytime. Unlike regular WhatsApp you can make call or send message without saving their contact number to get their contact listed. So you can instantly call anybody from the dialer of your phone.

Remove forwarded Tag!

On official WhatsApp every message you receive as forwarded message left a forward logo on the top left of the message bubble, so their you need to copy the message and send it from your side to remove the forward tag but that’s an extra hassle. So why not try the Blue WhatsApp that already comes with an option to remove forward tag from the message.

Blue WhatsApp Pros and Cons!

Highly Customized App with huge collection of features!

Regular updates provided by developers

You can use more then 2 WhatsApp account on a single device.

Since the App is provided by third party developers so there is always privacy issue

Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk v9.95! Updated Versions v9.91, 9.94 and v9.95!

Bug fixes and improvements!

Stability improvements for various devices!

Added new features!

How to Install Blue WhatsApp+ Plus Apk latest version 2024 on your Android device? v9.91, 9.94 and v9.95

How to download Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk! Since official WhatsApp is available to download from Google Play but that’s not the case with the Blue WhatsApp. You need to manually download the file from the download link provided at multiple places on this page for your ease. Just tap on the link and the file will be directly downloaded on to the storage of your device. (Note: You need to remember the download location where you saved the file on your device).

As we mentioned above, unlike official WhatsApp, the Blue WhatsApp apk need to be installed manually on your device so for that you need to prepare your device for the installation. The Android OS has a built-in security system that performs checks on the manual APK installation because Android devices only allow installation of apps from the Google Play Store.

Step 1: Enable Unknown sources! Enable Unknown Sources by heading into device settings. The exact steps may vary slightly depending on your device and Android version, but generally, you can go to Settings >> Security or Privacy >> Toggle the Unknown Sources to on.

Step 2: Open File Manager! Now it’s the time to locate the earlier downloaded Blue WhatsApp apk file on your device. To locate the file use any file manager that comes pre-installed with your device or you can download it Google Play if you don’t have one. Usually the default location for the downloaded files is the “Downloads folder” or choose the folder you selected during the download work.

Step 3: Install the Blue WhatsApp Apk: So far so good, now simply tap on the Blue WhatsApp Apk and let the OS install the file for you. Wait for the process to complete, usually it’ll be install within 10 seconds. Once the installation is complete, you’ll see a notification or a message indicating the success of the installation.

That’s it!

Final Verdict!

Blue WhatsApp proves to be an excellent option for individuals seeking a highly customizable app with a touch of diversity. However, if your concerns revolve around privacy and legality, we strongly advise opting for the official WhatsApp version instead of the modified app. While the modified app offers variety, customization, and personalization, it cannot ensure absolute privacy. We have provided a comprehensive discussion, outlining the pros and cons of the app. Now, the decision is in your hands – whether you prioritize privacy over customization or vice versa.

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What is Blue WhatsApp Plus?

Blue WhatsApp Apk is the modified version of Original WhatsApp with addition of new and customized features!

Is Blue WhatsApp Plus Safe?

Yes, the app is 100% safe to download.

Can we download Blue whatsapp Plus for pc?

Yes, but you can use it on PC via WhatsApp Web option.

How to download Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk?

The whole process is mentioned in the post above, you can download it right away. complies with 17 U.S.C. * 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This Is A Promotional Website Only about ‘Blue Whatsapp Plus download for android’, All Files Placed Here Are For Introducing Purposes Only. All Files Found On This Site Have Been Collected From Various Sources Across The Web And Are Believed To Be In The “Public Domain”. If you Have Any Other Issues Then Feel Free To Contact Us.

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